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Czech for foreigners

Czech for foreigners

Our language courses are based on Archimedes method. If used to its full advantage the course provides up to 20 study hours per month (4-5 one-on-one lessons plus 15 hours with our language learning application). As a result you reach the desired language level considerably faster than is usual with traditional language courses.  

czech for expats

Individual Czech course

Goal: To achieve A2 level of Czech language, end fear of speaking, be able to communicate. 

How? There are 12 modules of Czech course, one module usually takes one month. You can start with any module depending on your actual level. We'll speak Czech a little and we'll find your level.

Method: You practise the vocab and phrases on tablet, then you practise it during individual lessons and phone callswith your Czech teacher. 



Czech Basics: 

study materials featuring most common phrases for "survival" in Czech republic. Application is available on App Store as well as Google Play 

Stories app / learn Czech

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