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Archimedes Method - what is it?

1. Our courses - real life situations and stories (amusing and realistic), games, engaging apps, fun learning, language courses with a twist,  an excellent team of teachers (Czech as well as native speakers), individual 1 on 1 lessons (our most popular) as well as individual mini-groups.

2. Excellent self-study methods - scientifically proven methods that will make homework easier and ensure the regularity of your self study: a bilingual audio book, audio flashcards, dictations, listening in a relaxed state of mind, well-arranged grammar, progress monitoring. And an ever-present tablet – practise your English whenever you can.

3. Support throughout your studies – an initial language level assessment, establishing your goals, regular progress evaluation. Various options to boost your progress – phone calls and emails in the target language as well as tailor made texts and audio books on demand.

Visit us to try out our methodology and app without any commitment.​

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