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Individual Courses / English

Individual Courses / English

Our language courses are built on the basics of the Archimedes Method. At full use, an individual course includes up to 36 hours of studying per month (4-5 individual lessons, 16 hours of group activities, 15 hours with the Stories app). With this intensive pace you are able to learn a foreign language very quickly - in two years time.


Lesson with a teacher - once a week for 55 min. in regular time intervals

The possibility to reschedule within the week -choose between face-to-face lessons or Skype lessons

Educational Stories app​ - combines successful educational procedures with an algorithm of repetition

Audiovisual educational materials​ - with a range of linguistic topics including grammar

Entry and ongoing audits​ - check in with your progress at various stages of your lessons



Preparation for official language exams - we can assist you in studying for exams provided by independent institutions

Access to group activities - up to 4x a week (based on the type of contract), different times. 

Training - in your first few lessons you will learn how to use the app to get the most out of your study time

Time with a personal coach - who will actively work with you on your motivation and give you valuable advice

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Types of Courses:

  • Individual courses for all levels: The most popular course in our Language school, which will give you the most drastic improvement. Our English course consists of 21 modules, and Czech for Foreigners consists of 12 modules. We also offer Spanish, French and German courses.
  • Business English: For those who want to master English in specific fields pertaining to their professions. 
  • From Good to Excellent: This course is suitable for advanced students who need to improve their performance and fight against “rooted” grammar mistakes. 
  • Grammar Vortex: Practice your grammar and get a general overview of the English language. The “Gramatikon” Module is a part of your individual educational materials as well as our minigroup courses. 
  • Travel minimum: m-learning course ("survival guide"). In this course you will learn 430 basic phrases to assist you on your holiday. And after your holiday? You can start another course.
  • Preparation for official language exams: PET/KET/FCE/IELTS or according to your needs.

Individual courses priced from 3.790 Kč per month, with the possibility to participate in group activities up to 4 times a week. 

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