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Inspirational Interiors

Inspirational Interiors

Just because we are a school that doesn’t mean that our classrooms have to be boring. Our classrooms have been created with passion, and aim to create a pleasant atmosphere that will help students overcome barriers while speaking.

Our school is designed to help you to get rid of everyday concerns, and exist in a different world at least for the duration of the lesson (or maybe even longer). Our lift takes you quickly to the 5th floor of Opletalka, our "London in the heart of Prague" which is based on Downing Street. Once you’ve arrived, you can choose to visit a busy marketplace, a quiet art studio, or our sports area for archery. You'll be able to cook with us, simulate the sale of an apartment, moderate your own television show in our TV studio, or you might even find yourself acting on the stage. You can even relax for a moment in our new "Fireplace-room /Library".

Our immersive environment is the next best thing to living in an English speaking country.

We firmly believe that you will feel at home and you will always look forward to coming to your lessons.

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