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Would you like to get better at a foreign language (English/Czech/French/Spanish)? Do you feel like that individual lessons are not the best choice for you? And that general group courses don't work? Our answer is minigroup courses - "the best of both worlds". ​ 

We believe that group courses can be conceptual, modern and in keeping with the principles of the Archimedes Method. In a small group you have the opportunity to practise what you’ve learned, use role play, relax and laugh - at your teacher, colleagues and yourself. All while enjoying the targeted, individual approach to learning that you deserve.  


Individual minigroup courses 

Do you have one or two “mates” that would like to join you? Then the individual minigroup course is the right choice for you.

Study in a small group of 2-3 students (friends, colleagues, etc.) once a week, at a level that will benefit each member of the group. Discover the magic of studying in small groups, where you will have so much fun that you won’t even realize you’re learning a foreign language.

You can also study Czech, French, Spanish or German for the convenient price of 2.300,-Kč a month including our education apps.  

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