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Quality Language Audits

Quality Language Audits

Quality language audits are an integral part of individual study courses at Stories.


The entrance audit is an informal interview with a certified auditor that lasts about 45 minutes. The audit is carried out in both Czech and English (with the ratio depending on the prospective student's current abilities).

During the audit you will be asked to share your motivations, interests and previous study experiences, alongside any other details which might help us tailor the course to your specific needs.

All of this helps us determine your foreign language skills, so we can set up the study plan and teaching strategy accordingly, including choosing a suitable tutor and the most effective study method.

During your study your progress will be reviewed every three months. This period may vary depending on your needs, study pace and the number of modules you have completed.

It is a regular lesson, with an indepentent auditor. In this lesson you will review the grammar you have learned. After each audit, the report evaluates your progress and points out the areas that you should focus on.  

Reports are available at your request, your mentor (or teacher) will discuss the results with you. You can check your past reports anytime.  

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