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Stories and Stories

Stories and Stories

Our stories are carefully created to guide students through the most commonly used vocabulary and grammar, while preserving the tension and gradual escalation of a story.

1. The most common words in English according to English corpus

2. Basic english grammar rules

3. The most common situations: greetings, shopping, asking for help, asking for directions…

4. Catchy stories: We combine rich English to outline the story with easy and basic phrases for better memorization.

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And why stories?

Our Stories - 21 English modules
  • Memory: Stories - You learn sentences much faster in context. That means that you remember them better.
  • Motivation: You will have fun and constantly be motivated to learn another part of the story. People acting out the story in small groups motivate each other more. 
  • Fun: Stories are not boring; you will have fun. That is the basic premise of success. The scenes are easy to act out - so you live the language.
  • Experience: The dialogues from our stories are based on real situations. They are easy to recall in real life
  • Repetition: When you work with a story there is natural repetition while listening, learning the scenes, and eventually while acting the scenes in a group. As you listen to the story, everything you learn will become automatic.


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