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At Stories you will not only learn English, you will breathe it. You will love what it brings into your life. Our motto is: “Learn, Live, Love English”. There is great potential in everyone. And anyone who really wants to can learn English with us. We truly believe that good English brings new opportunities and chances, a path to a more full life.



We help to fight against "modern illiteracy" -  the inability to communicate in English. 

We inspire you to live a more full life. 

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Our values:

  • Joy: We love what we do and we want to help our students discover the natural joy of learning. We want them to look forward to our lessons and have a great time with our stories. 
  • Motivation: The human brain is wonderful and its possibilities are incredible. We want students to discover their potential with us and to gradually expand their limits.
  • Inspiration: Various people meet in the inspiring environment of our school, helping each other to move forward. It's also a "safe place" - students aren't afraid to make mistakes, because they know it helps them grow. 
  • Technology: Information technology, discoveries about the brain… never in the past have we had such resources for teaching and it would be a shame not to use them. We are constantly developing our study materials!
  • Stories: ...they are what we love and what keeps inspiring us :-) 

We base our teaching methods on these values and in keeping with Comenius’ “learn by playing” we integrate all the students’ senses into the process of learning. 

And what do our students say? 

According to them, studying at our school is the second most effective method to learning a foreign language - right after traveling abroad. We greatly appreciate this comparison and we do our best to ensure all our students improve as much as possible.

We’re also grateful for the fact that 70% of new students come to us thanks to a personal recommendation from the current ones.

You are cordially invited to come take a look!


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